Monday, February 9, 2009

So, sometimes I feel like I have to write things down in order to remember things that I have just figured out...

I have plenty of time to take my lab/Q course that I need to graduate...there will be time to take it with Neag courses if I get into the school of ed, if I don't, I'll have too MUCH time, and I'll take it, and if there's no time because of Neag, I'll have an extra summer to take a class.  WOOO!

Spontaneous Neag interview went fine.  Saw the email at 4:23 that I had an interview at 4:30.  Dr. Neelly was pretty understanding, because she sent out the email so late, and I just sat down and talked.  I think it went better that way.  Less over thinking, more truth and honesty and putting on my best face for Neag.  

I think I may actually get in.  Whoa.
(Knock on wood?)