Thursday, July 8, 2010

Home is where my heart is.

Things I like about being home/summer:

  • Babysitting.
  • Having/making money.
  • Swimming/the pool.
  • The beach.
  • The Staven crowd.  I missed them all very much.
  • Seeing my extended family more than once every 4 months.
  • Concerts.  (Obviously.)
  • The ability to "run" to the store for a quick stop.  No longer do I need to plan a 2 hour expedition to Wal-mart with a long list, because if I forget something, I'm not driving back to Willimantic for awhile.
Things I miss about living at UConn, (mostly during the semester):
  • Having the ability to go out, stay out, and come back whenever I choose.  However, living at home, I pretty much go out and stay until whenever I want, but staying over usually ends up in some sort of discussion with my mother that I would like to avoid.

All in all, I definitely love being home right now.  I'm sure that come September, when my friends all are back and classes are in session, I'll go back to loving UConn, but I'm foreseeing that this fall might be a bit like the last.  I remember hoping into my car right after my last rehearsal that Friday, driving home, and staying until pretty late Sunday.  I did not want to be there.  Do I go through phases, or what?