Monday, July 26, 2010

In the shadows, in the darkness.

I've pretty much been trying to do this anyway, but I'm desperately trying to stop spending money.  Not very easy, seeing as 80-90% of the money I've spent in the past week or so was music related.  I finally bought Carnival of Venice for my recital, and then I needed more trumpet books.  In a random move, I also bought a capo, so that I can continue to learn to play the guitar, and play everything in the correct key.  I'm not making a ton of money this summer, (my own decision) but I will hopefully have two jobs at school this year.  If the stars align, (a.k.a. the rumors are true, I have the money and the days off from band) I want to see DMB again.  There is talk of a fall tour, and if they are in NYC or Boston, I see no reason why I shouldn't go up and see them.  It won't be the end of the world if I don't go, but it sure would be nice...

I'm going to see if I can get into a rhythm this week.  The 3.1 miles I ran on Friday were rough, but I've now had two days off, and I need to get back at it.  A weekend full of family and parties was wonderful, but damn, does it throw me off track.  I also need to get back to practicing more regularly, and organizing myself to get ready to go back to UConn.  There's 25ish days left until I need to leave, and I'm kind of feeling weird about it.  I really miss some people, a lot...but I'm perfectly content being home.  My mom keeps telling me that the year goes so fast, why haven't I learned that yet...well, I don't know why, but you would think this transition would get easier after 4 years.  So much for that.  I make things much more complicated than need be.

Things I'm a little freaked about: student teaching,  preparing for Praxis II, deciding if I want to do grad school now or look for a job first, marching band in general, living in the apartment full time...why is it so difficult for me to get used to this stuff?