Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stay American, Baby!

Happy 4th of July!  This weekend was kind of tame, (...sorta) at least at 4th of July celebrations go.  No big family party this year, just my aunt, uncle, grandma, and couple cousins.  (Maybe that's big for some people, but that's nothing for this house.)  I once again ate too much food, but I redeemed myself by going for a run.  I had this desire to go running today, and since the next few days are going to be ridiculously humid, or so I hear, I figured I'd go now when it's just warm.  The next few days will be good for 30 Day Shred, or just a walk. 

Also today, I started listening to Incubus and some of the older Jason Mraz stuff again.  Like, high school era music.  Make Yourself is a fantastic CD to run to, in my opinion.  In other music news, I finally bought my ticket for DMB at Citi Field-that'll be show #10, and yes, finally, the last show for me for the summer.  I still can't believe they aren't touring next year.  Honestly, it's like this-some people smoke, some people drink, some people like to buy really expensive clothes, some people put tons of time and money into their cars...I buy DMB tickets.  Or just concert tickets in general.  I think I'm going to make a list of all the concerts I've seen.  That'll probably happen sooner rather than later, since this is turning out to be a lame-o 4th of July evening.

P.S. KP comes home in 2 days.  Omg.