Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 5-Now that we're alone, all of the world shines.

It's letter day, apparently.  See earlier post with the 50 day challenge list to see the addressee...

Well...I could probably ramble for awhile about this, but since this is Blogger and not real life, I'm not going to be really lame.  Just kind of lame...
I wish I could read you better.  Out of everything I could possibly say to you, that's what I'm choosing to say.  I wish I knew what you were thinking so I could know if you feel the same way I do.  I think you do...but we don't talk about it much, (not that we should.)
Wow, I'm really bad at this...
Whatever it is/was/might be...I like it.  It's fun.  You're a person I like being around, because it's nearly impossible for me not to smile when we hang out.  And somehow, even though you've known me the least amount of time out of everyone, you can read me like a book.
This was a really terrible letter, but, just know-I have a semester of school left, and I want to have fun and enjoy it.  And if you're around for some of that fun and enjoyment...that would be fine with me.