Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I may not have finals, but there's plenty left to do...

...like, for example, plan about 80% of the bowl trip, (with the rest of UL.)
Bus assignments, I have to remember to do bus assignments...
My last jury EVER is tomorrow.  You would think that after 8 juries, this would get easier.  But it never did for me.  My heart still races, my stomach still feels a little funny, and I usually leave slightly shaky.  Let's make tomorrow's goal be for none of those things to happen.
Babysitting for the evening follows, and one last minute assignment/final/thing is due on Friday.  So what's next?

Oh, you know, just a graduate school application. 
3 letters of reference, the application, (and app fee...boo...) a personal statement...luckily, not due til February 1st.  I'm cutting it a little close though, since I feel like everybody I've heard that applied to grad school did it months ago.  It's half back up plan, half what I want to do next year.  I just don't know what I want.  Strangely, though, I'm providing myself with more options by applying, which means I'll have to make a decision...and we all know how I am with decision-making. 

Stealing Emily's idea...this is what break is going to be, Christmas and Bowl game aside...

1. Starting eating healthier and taking care of myself-student teaching and the 45 minute commute each way is going to take its toll on me.
2. p90x...*gulp*
3...and if I fail at that, at least get back into running, swimming, and working out regularly.
4. Read!! I need to finish Wicked, re-read the Happiness Project, and tackle most of Margaret Atwood's work. 
5. Submit my graduate school application
6. Go to as many basketball games possible :)

I don't have too much in mind yet.  I'm a little overwhelmed just by the thought of a two-year graduate program and what that means.  Plus, as usual, my weight loss/get healthy goal crept back into my life, as it always does this time of year.  Who knows anymore, but I guess I shouldn't stop trying. 

In general?  Life is pretty good.  Christmas will be fun and relaxing, the bowl game and New Years will be absolutely insane.  I've got a great weekend coming up.  Just got to stay positive.